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Smart Contracts
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Who are we ?

Your in-house team

We are a boutique Web3 design and engineering team
with a singular focus on empathetic design and bold ideation.
We partner with entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations & artists.
to turn their ideas into products, revamp legacy offerings
to integrate and migrate their existing web infrastructure onto the blockchain
and enable the tinkerers to build their next big idea for Web 3.0

Rarescape is an online gallery, an art collective, and an NFT smart-contract on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a meticulously curated digital art platform by artists, for artists.
Introducing the CryptoPodz Generation II, BattlePodz. 1/1 digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. The BattlePodz are the successors of the original CryptoPodz. Packed with different abilities, they will be the main playable characters enabling you to navigate and interact inside PodzWorld.
KaufMeinTicket is an online fan-to-fan ticket marketplace that promotes a secure and fair environment to buy and sell tickets.
ChangChuay is a technology company that offers general contractors services based in Thailand, targeting householders and businesses of any kind requiring immediate and qualified assistance for households and servicing, appliance or infrastructure repairs.
Web Development
With us you can take your idea from zero to market, refine/revamp an existing product or explore endless other possibilities to turn your vision into reality. We focus on optimization, security, resilience, and designing for a best in class user experience.

Node.js, Python, Golang
React.js, Gatsby.js, Next.js
We design a unique visual experience for your brand using state-of-the-art expertise in Human-Centric Design.

User Experience Research and Conceptualization
Website Wireframes and Prototyping
Empathetic Design and Innovative Design Thinking methodologies
Visual Design and Responsive translation across devices
Blockchain Solutions
We develop highly customisable smart contracts and deploy them seamlessly on multiple chains. We enable smart contract integration to your app via Web3.js. We build full stack dApps (decentralized apps) end to end or help you migrate from your existing Web2 app.

Ethereum, Polygon (Matic)
Virtual Reality & Metaverse
We build custom VR experiences that help businesses reimagine the way they engage their customers. We produce interactive experiences such as 3D-platforms and VR engagement functionalities for your app.

Meet our team
Paul G.
Aadi M.
Creative Lead
Saudamini S.
Abhishek M.
Lead Developer
Sara F.
Sales Representative

Come work with us

We are a young team with big, bold ideas. We believe in having fun and growing. We ideate together and create together. Needless to say, each voice on our team matters. Innovation on the go, quality focused mindset and a sense of commitment define us.