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Blockchain Solutions

We develop highly customisable smart contracts and deploy them seamlessly on multiple chains. We enable smart contract integration to your app via Web3.js. We build full stack dApps (decentralized apps) end to end or help you migrate from your existing Web2 app.



Ethereum, Polygon (Matic)

AI & LLM Integrations

Our services span from chatbot integration to custom langage models (LLMs) like Llama-2, falcon models, GPT series , Claud, and PaLM, tailored for your unique business needs.

Custom LLMs:Tailored AI models for specific requirements,with options for offline operation

Document Querying:Avanced indexing for efficient data retrieval and accuracy

Fine-Tuning:Precision enhancement for AI model performance

Sentiment Analysis & Visual Recognition:Transform customer feedback into actionable insights and leverage AI for image/video analysis

Web Development

With us you can take your idea from zero to market, refine/revamp an existing product or explore endless other possibilities to turn your vision into reality. We focus on optimization, security, resilience, and designing for a best in class user experience.

Node.js, Python, Golang

React.js, Gatsby.js, Next.js


We design a unique visual experience for your brand using state-of-the-art expertise in Human-Centric Design.

User Experience Research and Conceptualization

Website Wireframes and Prototyping

Empathetic Design and Innovative Design Thinking methodologies

Visual Design and Responsive translation across devices